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Machines for Invar prefabrication

Banc de soudage poutre / Beam welding bench

These machines allow the prefabrication of INVAR sets, apart from the tanks of the LNG carrier.


Through the last 20 years, ERI became a global supplier of all the equipments necessary to the prefabrication of INVAR parts for the construction of the LNG carriers tank membranes. ERI can bring assistance and be an advisor to any shipyard for the complete realization of workshops for INVAR sets prefabrication.

Banc de soudage de tube invar / Invar tube welding bench
Invar tube welding bench (3 x 1.5 mm thickness)

ERI machines are able to carry out the shearing and the forming of various INVAR parts and sets. Automatic GTAW and resistance welding machines allow the construction of prefabricated sets.

Banc de soudage poutre / Beam welding bench
Beam welding bench