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ERI 2000-II Burnishing machine


Since more than 20 years, ERI designs and manufactures several versions of patented burnishing machines for silver-plated utensils and others items made out of metal.

The "ERI Burnishing machine" is particularly designed for the cleaning, maintaining and restoration of silver plated, stainless steel and other precious metals items and cutlery, such as copper, pewter, gold, bronze or brass.

Brunisseuse / Burnishing machine
Tasses / cups Couverts / cutlery

With its easy handling and its quick action, this machine considerably increases the treated objects' lifetime. This, added to its anti-bacterial action, akes the "ERI Burnishing machine" a machine that perfectly meets the restaurants', hotels', and silversmiths' needs.

This compact, wheels equipped and all stainless steel made machine is equipped with an extractable tank, which is facilitating its cleaning and maintaining.

Before / After


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Produits & pièces / Products & spare parts


Maximum capacity: 40 to 60 forks and knives, depending on their size.

Cycle time: 5 to 15 min depending on the wear and the hardness of the items (for usual maintaining).

Conveying belt speed: 16 to 40 cm/s, adjustable with a speed variator.

Machine dimensions: 75*56*90 cm.

Tank dimensions: 32*40 cm.

Total weight of the machine: 215 kg including 70 kg of polishing balls and 40 l of water.

Tank weight: 24 kg.

Power / Voltage: 550W - 230 VAC.

Electric wire length: 3.5 m.

Extractable tank