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Products, spare parts and services

ERI proposes to his customers all the specific products that are necessary to use the burnishing machine, as well as spare parts and repair and retrofit facilities for burnishing machines.

The selling of these products and the repair of the machines are done directly by the manufacturer, without commercial middleman.


Désoxydant ERI / ERI Deoxidizer
“ERI Deoxidizer”

Thanks to its composition, it doesn’t corrode the metal parts. That’s an efficient product, which works within seconds and can be used repeatedly.

Packaging: 5-liter can.


Savon ERI / ERI special soap
“ERI Special soap”

This powder soap, particularly designed for the burnishing machines, prevents the steel balls from oxidation. It provides them a protective film and assures their shiny aspect. It lubricates the balls and the conveying belt, assuring the good functioning of the burnishing machine.

Packaging: 4.5-kilogram bucket.


Bande transporteuse / Conveying belt
Conveying belts

ERI offers you its spare conveying belts in case of deterioration of yours. Please ask for a price offer, corresponding with the version of the machine.

Packaging: Unitary.


Billes / Steel balls
Spare steel balls

ERI offers you spare or complementary balls, in stainless or standard steel.

Packaging: 70 kilograms for a machine, or complementary selling by kilogram.


Reparation / repair
Repair and retrofit

ERI workshop offers all kinds of repairs and spare parts for the burnishing machines. Please contact us.



For any more information, repair or price request, please contact us.

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