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Invar forming and shearing

Dérouleuse virures

Invar working machines (uncoiling, forming, joggling, punching and shearing) are proposed by ERI, in order to allow the construction and the repair of the tanks of LNG carrier.


ERI designed several machines for the uncoiling and forming of INVAR coils (thickness from 0.5mm up to 1mm) which are used on board during the construction or the repair of LNG carrier INVAR membrane:

  • strips forming in "L" shape,
Dérouleuse languettes
Dérouleuse de languettes
Dérouleuse languettes
  • raised edges strakes forming.
Dérouleuse virures Dérouleuse virures
Flanging machines

These machines can be used on various places to uncoil on vertical walls, horizontal floor and ceiling, or on side slopes. On the other hand, presses allow carrying out specific deformations (jogglins) in prefabricated sets. Finally, several tools of shearing and punching permit to carry out various operations on the INVAR on board.

guillocheuse poinconneuse
Guillocheuse et poinçonneuse languette primaire